AUGUSTA, Ga. - If you work in law enforcement, or know someone who does, you probably realize that you never know what a call could bring. For some Augusta University Police Officers, quick thinking made a difference when time was working against them. Together, seven of them saved a life - earning an award for their response and teamwork.

For Augusta University Police Officer Eugene Maes, it started as any other day.

"If I get a call, door unlocked, respond to whatever, jumpstart - I'm there.” said Officer Eugene Maes, Augusta University Police.

That’s until he got a call that somebody was reported sleeping in a parking deck stairwell. When he got there, he quickly realized the person wasn’t sleeping after all.

"[I] Got on my radio as I was getting my Narcan out of my pocket and said I’m administering Narcan, medics!” said Officer Maes.

Officer Maes already had loss on his mind at the time.  

"A couple of months prior, I was performing CPR on my brother-in-law on my back deck and I did everything right, got the AED and he still didn't make it." said Officer Maes.

Despite the trauma, he pushed through and saved a man’s life from overdose. But, he didn’t do it alone.

"...And then, phew! They were all on my back. They were getting things done, helping me out, asking if I need breaks, all that stuff. So, yeah, they are right behind me and I'm right behind them.” said Officer Maes.

Sergeant Justin Stowers was next on scene.

"I enjoy helping people. Any day I can help people is a good day.” said Sgt. Justin Stowers, Augusta University Police.

While helping people can look different day to day, it’s this love for service that made the difference between life and death.

"You know, I get to help students every day, help them jumpstart their car, help them through a crisis, you know, same with staff. I just, really like helping people. That's why I keep coming back." 

"We were able to save a young man’s life, give him a second chance. That’s why we do this job.” said Sgt. Stowers.