NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. - One North Augusta shop is offering customers a unique tasting showroom and gourmet groceries - something new to the small town.

At Town Square Olive Oil and Wine, you can sip and dip 22 different olive oils, all straight from Greece.

"There's quite a few people that we've discovered that would drive several hours to go and get their olive oil and vinegar," owner Tia Harville said.

Harville and her husband previously owned a successful oyster bar in Summerville. They wanted to bring that success to start a unique shop in ever-growing North Augusta.

"North Augusta just had that charm," Harville smiled.

Some would argue it's the best olive oil in the world.

"We have little tasting cups so you just pour a little bit in the tasting cup. You can either sip it, if you don't want to sip it, we do have our fresh sourdough bread that we also sell to be able to dip it in there and to taste it," Harville said.

Sundried tomato parmesan garlic olive oil is one of their many olive oils you can taste.

"It's so fresh, it's like biting into a tomato," Harville described.

You can also stock up on gourmet groceries like imported pastas, stone-ground grits or maybe a fresh cut of steak.

"Yeah, we sell a ton of it," Harville said about their sourdough bread. "And that also, so we actually get it frozen and we just pull out to thaw out for the day, but people can also buy it frozen and it doesn't have any preservatives in it."

They also offer jalapeño and cream cheese-stuffed olives.

They're so good. I could eat a jar every single day," Harville said. "We also have stuffed peppers as well, and a bunch of other charcuterie items."

The original location is in Covington which is just under two hours from the CSRA.

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