GROVETOWN, Ga. - William Few Parkway in Grovetown is a residential area with several neighborhoods, schools and very few traffic lights. A number of accidents have occurred on the dangerous stretch of road. Residents want to know why won't Columbia County do anything about it?

It's not a new problem. In fact, Fox54 has visited William Few Parkway a few times to address resident's complaints about a lack of lights, traffic signals and even sidewalks. On Monday, there was another accident just a mile down from Lewiston Road.

"If it's paced right and if the traffic is heavy enough, there are a lot of accidents because of the sunlight in evenings and the heavy traffic in the mornings," says Lesley Barnes, Executive Pastor of Macedonia Church of Grovetown.

Residents call it a deadly combination.

"About a year and a half ago, we were was a Sunday service around 12:30," Barnes says. "But, a car was coming around the curb and the young man lost control of his vehicle and ended up flipping. So, there are a lot of times when there's some serious accidents out here." 

Taxpayers have called for street lights, guardrails, sidewalks, better ground maintenance and most importantly, traffic signals.

Columbia County Manager Scott Johnson, to Fox54, nearly one year ago. We were following up after a pedestrian was struck by a car and killed while walking along William Few to get to work.

In the year since, there's been no changes to that stretch of road.

"To say that we need red lights at every intersection, that may not be feasible to allow traffic to flow," Johnson says. "We probably have enough traffic problems now."

Lesley Barnes says it's an issue her congregation has experience the past 5 years. They hire deputies frequently to allow people to get out onto the high traffic road.

"We really need a traffic light or a security guard that's out there all the time to help folks get out," Barnes says. "Without them being there, they're kind of taking chances."

Johnson said in October 2022, the county is constantly looking at improving infrastructure, but when it comes to installing sidewalks, it becomes expensive.

"It's just difficult when you're talking about putting sidewalks on main roads," he says. "We aren't talking about neighborhood roads, we're talking about main roads."

But for residents, visitors and those traveling down William Few, Barnes suggests drivers at least follow posted speed limits.

Fox54 did reach out the Columbia County Sheriff's Office for the number of accidents along the road in the past year. We are still waiting for that information. We also reached out Columbia County for comment. We were told, at this time, there still aren't any plans to add traffic signals along William Few Parkway. They declined our interview to discuss the situation further.

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