'No count is perfect.': Aiken County Homeless Coalition prepares for P.I.T. count

Monday, September 25th 2023, 11:44 AM EDT

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. - The CSRA has an ongoing homelessness issue. In Aiken County, officials are finding that not all homeless people are being accounted for. 

Officials say they know that every count is not accurate because of the number of applications they receive. Many of them are not legible and they believe there are more homeless people in the area than the data shows. 

The Aiken County Homeless Coalition says it's working to find better ways to count the number of homeless people in Aiken County, ahead of the annual P.I.T. count in January.

P.I.T. Count or point-in-time count reflects the number of sheltered or unsheltered homeless people. 

"We are aware that no matter how hard we go out, go into the woods, try to find people, people are mobile and doing what they need to do. No count is perfect. So, no count is going to account for every single person that's out there." Said Brenda Santiago, United Way of the Midlands.

Santiago encourages ACHC to put its best foot forward in the upcoming P.I.T. Count. 

In the past, Aiken County's P.I.T. count has not reflected the actual number of homeless people in the area because of reporting issues, officials tell FOX54, adding everyone wasn't counted because some forms weren't legible, and some people couldn't be found. 

In January, Aiken County officials say they will round up as many homeless people as possible for a more accurate count. 

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