Saluting our Heroes: A Legacy of Service

Wednesday, September 20th 2023, 5:21 PM EDT

FORT GORDON, Ga. - They say "Birds of a feather flock together," and when most of your family is dedicated to service - some things just come naturally. That's the case for Sergeant First Class Christopher Robinson.

"I'm just a product of my environment." said Sergeant First Class Christopher Robinson.

He's a servicemember now influenced by service - then.

“..Great family, great parents…I’ve had two uncles and an aunt that have also served in the military. Two in the Army, one in the Air Force.” said Sgt. Robinson.

"I basically am the senior leader advisor to the branch chief of the 25 Sierra Course. I manage about 40 non-commissioned officers and about three civilian instructors...I remember when I came to the schoolhouse, didn’t know much about the military, and now I am in charge of that same branch. I actually feel blessed because I didn’t think I would be at this rank and in this position at this point in my career.” said Sgt. Robinson.

Robinson credits his family for his success.

"To be honest, my wife is the MVP...Just seeing my kids face light up, I think they love it. They feel a sense of pride. They know dad has an important job.” said Sgt. Robinson.

He says he’s not in it for the money, but instead the impact he can leave on others.

"Now will we always get rich off of it? Not necessarily. Just a level of satisfaction money can’t buy.” said Sgt. Robinson.

FOX54 salutes Sergeant First Class Christopher Robinson.

"Just improve your foxhole. Improve your foxhole.” said Sgt. Robinson.

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