The Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirms that it is looking into the death of a Richmond County investigator.  

The body of Brian Manecke was found by Lincoln County deputies Friday night. Manecke was discovered off Wisteria Drive, in the northern part of the county with a single gunshot wound.  Lincoln County was dispatched at the request of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office, which had been unsuccessful in trying to reach him.  GPS was used to help provide a possible last location for Manecke.

While the GBI says it appears to a self-inflicted gunshot, the body has been sent for autopsy.  The investigation into his death is in the hands of the GBI, at the request of Lincoln County.

The GBI also confirmed that an independent investigation into the deceased by the Richmond County Sheriff's Office was already underway at the time of his death.

In June, 2022, Manecke was promoted to the role of investigator with RCSO

UPDATE: FOX54 has reached out to the Richmond County Sheriff's Office for details of that investigation.  In an emailed response to FOX54, we were told, "The investigation is being handled by our Criminal Investigations Division and there is no information available at this time, per O.C.G.A. 50-18-72(a)(4)."