It is National Hispanic Heritage Month! A soldier at Fort Gordon shows his pride through service  - hoping to show that anything is possible.

"The reason why I joined the Army is because I wanted to give back to my country,” said 2nd Lieutenant Andres Rodriguez.

2nd Lieutenant Andres Rodriguez is from El Paso, Texas. He also has ties to family in Mexico. When he wears this uniform, he has them on his heart - much like he is on theirs.

“I really just saw how much America has given back to us, and I wanted to give back to that. I wanted to actually help serve and just be a better person for that,” said Rodriguez, "They see how much I like it, and they see how much I’m actually able to make a difference, not just with soldiers, but also people back home who may not have the best opportunities and want to join the military as well.”

Rodriguez comes to Fort Gordon as a West Point grad working toward Platoon Leader.

"I’ve met so many fantastic people along the way, I’ve learned so many things...You’re not only helping to shape the platoon and like actual culture that you’re going into, but you’re also helping to shape other people, along with them helping shape you.” said Rodriguez.

FOX54 salutes Andres Rodriguez.

"I want people to see me as one, just another person…But I think, really, people should see you as something that everyone else also has inside them.”  

"Just focus on the daily tasks and eventually it will fall into place.”