AUGUSTA, Ga. - The Augusta firefighter who allegedly ran over a deceased individual in May's motorcycle shootout near Sand Bar Ferry Rd. has left the job, according to Augusta Fire Department.

AFD tells FOX54 Gregory Hartshorne has formally requested the department accept his resignation "in lieu of termination." The department offers no further details.

Hartshorne determined 51-year-old Germayne Farrell, was already dead when the AFD SUV ran over and dragged his body. The report filed states as Hartshorne got in his fire department SUV, he didn’t see Farrell at the edge of the West Chatham Emergency Lighting parking lot. Hartshorne said the vehicle’s hood and fender blocked his vision.

The document cites “a contributing factor of misjudging clearance in the accident,” and shows a graphic on how his SUV drug Farrell’s body nearly 52 feet.