AUGUSTA, Ga. - For generations a southside restaurant has been a favorite spot for many locals. FOX54’s Aria Surka sets the record straight after an online report mis-announced the doors were closing.  To borrow a quote from Mark Twain, reports that Villa Europa is closing, are greatly exaggerated.
After quite the buzz on social media, the owners of Villa Europa sat down with FOX54 to confirm the restaurant is not closing, but they instead hope to relocate.

When devoted customers caught wind of an online report that the restaurant was closing, they started sharing memories on social media about their time at Villa Europa, including birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Anneliese Nieses, Brittany Rose, and Peggy Schaffer talked about what the restaurant and their customers mean to them. “Hearing that out there, that we’re closing and the reaction from people is bittersweet,” said Schaffer.

Rose added, “It’s very heart warming and it gives us a little boost to work harder to find a place.”
After 50 years in business, Villa Europa has drummed up a very loyal clientele. The family says regular customers have brought back their kids and even their grandkids.

Owner Anneliese Neises said, “We became a big family! Our customers and us became a big family.”
Although the family is holding on to their current location for as long as possible, they say the building has seen better days. They are actively searching for a new place and simply are looking for one that feels right. Rose said “You can either feel it, it’s a yes or a no. It’s pretty simple, it either feels the vibe or it doesn’t”
Even though this is not the end for Villa Europa, Neises is still saddened about having to say goodbye to this location and all the memories it holds for customers. For the family and staff, the meaning is even deeper as it reminds them of their loved one, Patricia Schaffer, whom they say was instrumental in making the place what it is today. “It’s very difficult to say goodbye,” said Neises.

Schaffer adds, “We’re not saying goodbye so scratch that, we’re saying, stay tuned”