AUGUSTA, Ga. - One hidden gem down Washington Road in Augusta has been serving up refreshing sweets year-round for the last two years.

Orange Moon Delights co-owner Tracy Griffen said they have lost count of how many gelato flavors they offer at the shop.

He said folks can't just pick one. "Well, all of them are very popular. I have to say," Griffen smiled.

Griffen and his wife are from North Augusta. They said their priorities are taste, quality and cleanliness and their goal is to bring smiles, happiness and good energy to customers.

"I try to treat customers basically like how we like to be treated," he said.

At the shop, you can order gelato, frozen yogurt and froyo shakes. They're whipping up citrusy, chocolatey and fruity flavors of all kinds. They're also offering up non-dairy options for those who need it.

"We have this non-dairy, strawberry almond. And all of these sorbet," Griffen pointed out.

Gelato is ice cream, but it doesn't have as much fat or calories as the regular stuff. It's Italian ice cream. Griffen said regular ice cream is whipped up with more air, and that's not how gelato is made.

"And we're not non-ice cream, we just say we just love and gelato," Griffen laughed.

He said they create flavor combinations that compliment each other, like combining blood orange sorbet and wild strawberry gelato.

Griffen says you'll hear some local fans raving about the dessert.

"We have some kids come in they like the best ice cream I've ever had. Yeah, out of your six years of life," he laughed.

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