Alex Murdaugh's legal team has presented a motion to stay while a hearing is held on their motion for a new trial. Murdaugh was convicted in March of killing his wife and son.

Attorney's Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin have released the following statement:
"Today, we filed a petition based on newly discovered evidence with the SC Court of Appeals to stay Alex Murdaugh’s appeal while a hearing is held on a motion for a new trial.
Concurrently, we have sent a request to the South Carolina U.S. Attorney to open a federal investigation into the violation of Alex Murdaugh’s civil rights.
The serious allegations in the petition filed today speak for themselves but we believe they explain a number of peculiarities in the six-week trial. We request that SLED stand down on initiating any investigation of these allegations since they are heavily invested in maintaining Alex’s conviction. We suggest that they wait for the Court of Appeals to rule and receive direction from the trial court, if the Court of Appeals remands the case for an evidentiary hearing. We also would request that those in the media and the public respect the privacy of those included in this filing.
[We] want to thank those on our team who stand with us today who have worked tirelessly to ferret out the truth.
Alex Murdaugh maintained and still maintains his innocence of the murder of Maggie and Paul and he believes the truth will ultimately prevail."

The motion to stay involves Colleton County clerk of court, Rebecca Hill, alleged to have influenced the jury. FOX54 interviewed her last month following the release of her book about the trial. Watch the video below: