EDGEFIELD COUNTY, S.C. - Strom Thurmond takes the field looking to reclaim a winning record.

Senior Quarterback Quan Edmond with the rocket to Braylon Staley, who was looking for an early touchdown, but had no luck. The pass is incomplete.

Moments later, Edmond’s attempt to Demarius Tolen in the red zone is picked off by Aiken’s King Fuller. Hornets take over deep in their own territory.

Strom Thurmond returns the favor on 2nd down and 10 as Aiken’s Luke Jones launches one directly to Andrew Byrd, brought down by a swarm of Hornets.

Edmond hands off to Cam Blacks, who shakes off a tackle and storms forward to the 22-yard line as the Rebels threaten to strike first.

Edmonds again to Staley is knocked away in the end zone.

Staley then hauls it in from 13 yards out, putting the Rebels on the board.

Point after was no good, but Rebels take the lead, 6 to 0 in the first quarter.

Aiken, looking to answer, has a little collision on the field between Luke Jones and Jahnari Mole.  Mole on the carry but no gain on that play brings up 4th down.

They’d punt it away, but not far—Strom Thurmond takes over on the 47.

Later, Aiken QB Jones looks to make a connection downfield—Strom Thurmond’s Whitt Miller on the interception, getting some love from the teammates.

Thurmond takes over, Edmond to Staley connecting again before Staley is down at the one.

Running back Chris Barnes breaks into the end zone for the Rebels, who set up for a 2-point conversion.

It's overthrown to Staley, who scoops it up, scrambles right, scrambles left—ducking, dodging, all the way into the end zone—a successful 2-point conversion for the Tennessee commit makes this one 14-0.

Aiken would eventually put up 12 points, but no match for Strom Thurmond.

This victory for Strom Thurmond brings them back above .500 with a record of 2-1. The Hornets are still chasing their first win this season as they travel next week to Clinton, in upstate South Carolina.