MARTINEZ, Ga. - A convicted felon is back behind bars after wrecking his moped while allegedly fleeing and attempting to elude law enforcement, according to Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

Just before 10pm on August 28, a CCSO deputy says he attempted to initiate a stop on a vehicle operating on Washington Rd. with insufficient headlight, no tail light, and no tag. The driver of the moped did not have his driver's license, insisting he didn't require one for operation of the moped, against the advisement of the deputy.

The report from CCSO states the driver, identified as Travis Lanham, then ran from the deputy, leaving his moped and a female passenger behind. During the foot chase, the suspect allegedly turned back toward the moped, fell on the ground, and but was able to drive away on the moped, leading the deputy on a chase down Flowing Wells Rd., running a traffic light and crossing into the the path of a car as Lanham turned onto Columbia Rd. 

The chase ended, according to CCSO, when Lanham attempted to hop a curb on his moped on Columbia Rd. Lanham was handcuffed and the moped searched, at which time the deputy discovered a loaded handgun and a stolen license plate.

Lanham was transported to a local hospital for treatment before being taken to Columbia County Department of Corrections. He faces 7 traffic charges and others including possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, misdemeanor obstruction of a law enforcement officer, and felony fleeing and attempting to elude.