For one soldier, serving his country is a first, but helping others isn’t. Private First Class Dong Min Lee saved a fellow soldier's life before they got on the battlefield.

He’s only been at Fort Gordon for 7 months, but he's already making an impact.

"I came in as advanced individual training, right now I am a 17 Charlie which is a cyber operations specialist, currently training to defend America’s cyberspace," said PFC Dong Min Lee, "All the initial entry training soldiers, we’re very close, we’re willing to help each other, we always look out for each other… One of my friends reached out to me and he said he was having some dark thoughts and he was troubled a lot. So, I talked to him about it, tried to help him where I can, try to make sure he stays safe, which is the most important thing and I took him to get the help he needed and he’s doing a lot better now.”

PFC Dong Min Lee is a first-generation American.

"I immigrated to America from South Korea when I was 8. It’s been a little bit of a struggle, but nothing nobody can’t handle.” said PFC Min Lee.

Back then, it was just him and his mom - a support that’s never left his side.

"I think she’s more proud of me than she ever has been," said PFC Min Lee.

FOX54 salutes PFC Dong Min Lee.

"Being an American soldier means a great opportunity and place of honor. I originally came here with my family, didn’t really have a lot going on, didn’t really know what we were going to do. But, coming to the Army, I have purpose now.”