EDGEFIELD COUNTY, S.C. - It's time for our weekly segment when we get to speak to a coach, player, or person connected to one of our local teams across the CSRA.
Earlier this week, we got to hang out with Strom Thurmond head coach Andrew Webb, who's hoping to guide his team to another playoff run.
Here's what he had to say about this year's Rebels team.

Alright it is that time once again for a segment called 1 on 1 with coach Andrew Webb.
Coach thanks for taking out the time great start any time you get a win.
Tough game against Laney 21 to 12.
You were telling me you go up 21 nothing. Your defense has to hold on.
What were some of your thoughts coming off the first game.
We did a lot of good things a lot of mistakes we got to corrected played really well in the first half really in all 3 phases.
Second half we couldn't get off the field when we needed to on defense, we had a turnover on special teams and one on offense and we really put our defense in a bad spot, but the kept battling and found a way to win.

I’m sure you always talk to your players about always being ready and you've got a sophomore quarter back Bri'shaun Lee finds out Thursday he's going to start the game and he plays lights out. That's got to be a pleasant surprise when you got a kid who’s just a sophomore who's playing so well in week one.

Yeah, we got a lot of confidence in Bri'shaun and his teammates believe in him and uh you know he stepped up when his number was called had a real good night. You know we hope he continues to build on that success.

What is key for him when you're coaching a young player like that he may have a lot of raw ability but as a coach what do you have to really work with when you got a young guy like that.

Nah, you keep rolling along and doing what we do. We didn’t really change anything for him. He knows what we do. We just want him to be comfortable and confident and just believe in himself and go execute and he did a good job at that.

I know a lot of the fans are excited to watch some of the talent you got. You got a D-1 prospect who’s actually committed to Tennessee. Braylon Staley. Tell us about him.

Yeah Braylon is really special. Anytime you can get the ball in his hands, you kind of hold your breath and but he's got a lot of good players around him too and the more good players you have out there, the tougher it is to defend. So, we hope to continue getting better and continue to watch Braylon make some plays for us.

Along with wide receiver Demetrius Tolen, so you've got not just one guy the defense can key on. If they key on one guy, you've got Tolen on the other side possibly.

Yup, Demarius is a matchup problem. 6 foot 4, 200 pounds. You know Juju Stevens had 2 touchdown catches for us the other night as well. We've got a lot of people that can go make plays for us. The more plays we can make the tougher we'll be to defend.

Of course, media folks always want to focus on offense because that gets the headlines and lights up the scoreboard. But you hold Laney one of the top teams in 2A to only 12 points. Tell us about the Strom Thurmond defense.

Those guys take a lot of pride in getting to the ball as fast as possible and you know playing a physical style of football. And Laney certainly does that. They are a very physical football team. Our guys matched that the entire night. And they ran into the football really well. And we've got 9 guys coming back that have played a lot of snaps on defense for us last year. Last year that defense only gave up 11 points a game so there’s a lot of pride in the blue steel defense that’s been a part of Strom Thurmond football for a long time and they take great pride in it.

Alright coach, thanks so much. We appreciate your time. Good luck against Midland Valley.