EVANS, Ga. - One Evans wellness center is helping your body to get the energy it needs to heal itself through light and sound waves.

"It's not a new technology, it's just new to the public," co-owner Jamie Cressend said.

Inside, you'll put your feet up, relax, meditate and listen as Cressend creates different sound frequencies with sound bowls.

"If we can keep up with our diet and our exercise, and all that and then add stuff like this, then we can just live our best lives," she said. "What you can't see are the scalar waves and they meet in the center point of the room right here and when they collide, they release an electrical charge."

That charge comes from the Energy Enhancement System (ESS).  "Each of the color frequencies correspond to the frequencies that are optimal for our organs and our bodies will sync up to the environment that we're in," Cressend explained.

The ESS gives your body more energy to heal itself.

"If everyone's cells were charged up to the 70 to 90 millivolts, we probably wouldn't even get sick in the first place," Cressend said.

You just sit in the recliners and take it all in.

"Everybody needs to relax. Everybody needs to recharge. We compare this to like, a cell phone, where you use your cell phone and the battery dies and you've got to charge it back up. Same with our cells," Cressend said.

When you walk in, you'll notice several screens stacked on the walls around you showing what looks to be a lot of scribble scrabble.

"It does look like a lot of mess. So, it looks kind of like scribble scrabble. But, these are words in an ancient language that are basically positive affirmations that are being coded into your cells while you're sitting here," Cressend explained.

She said many people end up falling asleep in the chair during the light therapy session or sound bath.

"A lot of energy is used when you're like looking around and so, you want to decrease as much stimulation as you can," she said.

In a sound bath, each sound bowl corresponds to one of your organ systems, and your body syncs to that sound. The light and sound doesn't heal you, it helps your body to repair itself in a holistic approach. It can help to relieve pain or fix sleep disorders.

"This is not a medical device. It makes no health claims whatsoever. Like we said, this just creates an environment for your body to heal yourself," Cressend said.  "Amy, my business partner, the first time that she went as well, she is longer having to use her reading glasses. And, the gray hair she was starting to get, it resolved."

The owners say some will start crying, releasing stress.

"We get it. This is something new and different, but we do think that frequency healing is going to be very big in the future," Cressend said.

There are several wellness centers like synergy studio across the country and our two-state.

During August, you can book an appointment and bring a friend for free.

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