Saluting our Heroes: Sgt. Byrnie Hardin

Wednesday, August 2nd 2023, 10:39 PM EDT

RICHMOND COUNTY, Ga. - First responders take an oath: serve and protect. A local deputy has dedicated his life to it, even jumping in off duty to help in a time of need. FOX54 salutes Richmond County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Byrnie Hardin.

"You get up everyday, put this thing on, and start helping as many people as you can." said Sgt. Byrnie Hardin, RCSO.

Sgt. Byrnie Hardin’s goal is simple: make a difference.

"Helping people. I mean…There’s victims everyday that need assistance. Just something you do.” said Sgt. Hardin.

As Sergeant over the Crime Supression Team, you’ll find him helping in many areas - from the Homeless Task Force to the jail. So far, he’s dedicated nearly three decades to law enforcement.

"Started off in the jail, went to the road, then I went to traffic, then I left traffic when I got promoted to become a corporal, and then this position became available. I thought I’d make sergeant and come over here.” said Sgt. Hardin.

That’s after watching his father make the same commitment to our community.

“He was here for 33 years. He was actually a sergeant over the property room when I started, but he went through the jail, transportation, dispatch and different stuff...I mean, [it's just] his work ethic. He was always working and did a good job.” said Sgt. Hardin.

It’s that same work ethic Sgt. Hardin has -stopping an armed robbery off duty. He earned a commendation for what the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office considers “selfless service and dedication.”

“During training, they always told us don’t engage unless there’s going to be a problem. Well, as he ran out, I ran out the back door, thinking he was parked on the side of the building, and when I got out there he was not parked on the side of the building. He was running by me, so I chased after him.” said Sgt. Hardin.

He's following the call and setting the example,

"To do the right thing. Always be there for people who need help.”