AUGUSTA, Ga. - FOX54 has obtained updated renderings of the James Brown Arena in Augusta, Georgia.  Some building materials have been changed, but the Coliseum Authority says they want to keep the look pictured in animations.

The building would eventually connect with the soon-to-be modernized Bell Auditorium. The new arena would also feature more dining options.

Once again, the decision to build lies in the public's hands. An election will be held November 7 to vote on a half-percent sales tax. Commissioners approved the resolution in June.

"If they want to see some quality of life, a coliseum that's been a lot of thought, a lot of efforts been put in it to make sure it has every facet that you would want in a civic center, vote for it," Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle says. "It's half a cent sales tax, if you don't, stay home."

Coliseum Authority Vice President Brad Usry says the JBA requires $250M for an overhaul.

“If you don’t have the money in the bank to write the check, you know, you have to borrow money, I think this is the right way because 40% of sales tax collected comes from out of this community...In this inflationary environment, we’ve been able to really hold down the numbers to 250 and we’re proud of that.” said Usry.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp passed HB230 earlier this year, which allows this option to fund the project if voters choose. Usry says if the vote passes in November, collections would begin in 2024. The tax will eventually go away when the debt is paid. Usry says that could be between 15-20 years.