EVANS, Ga. - One plant nursery in Evans hopes to turn your black thumb into a green thumb, helping you learn how to keep a plant alive.

"People will come in typically and say I have no idea how to take care of plants, but I really want to. I kill absolutely everything," PlantHouse assistant store manager Carrie Turner said.

She said cactus makes perfect.

"I'll work with plants all day. I'll go home to my greenhouse, work in plants in the evening," Turner said.

If you're new to plants, Turner suggests going with a plant that's less complex to build.

"Start out with a snake plant. A small snake plant. I'm going to give you exact details on how to take care of it. And you will keep it alive. And they do," she laughed.

Our producer, Megan Johnson, came along to make something to spruce up her place. "But, I have no idea what I'm doing, so we'll see what this looks like," she said.

She picked a jellyfish terrarium, which Turner said can be a more complicated plant to build.

"We will tie up medusa air plants, we put sea urchins on the top. We will hang them from bamboo with fishing line and then we will build a beach scene at the bottom," Turner explained.

They encourage reservations if you've got a big group, but otherwise, you can walk on in and build a plant.

Come back with us next week as we Eat. Play. Go. our way through the CSRA!