FORT GORDON, Ga. - For Drill Sergeant Roderica Simmons, representation is everything. Seeing it made a difference in her life, now she hopes to do the same for others.

"A lot of people think that what’s around them is the limit. But, there’s more to life.” said Roderica Simmons. 

Simmons aims to set the standard and exceed it. 

"I actually was one of the first drill sergeants over the 25 Hotel Class, which just started. So, that was amazing being on front of the Army Times," said Simmons, "When I got here, my first question was is there a female mentorship program? The answer was no, so I started that and now it’s pretty much expanding all over Fort Gordon.”

She's in the 15th Signal Brigade. Initially, she worked in recruiting. That’s after she met a recruiter who made an impact on her.

"When I say look like me, it’s not just the fact of me being African-American, but also just a female. She was the first female I saw in a uniform. I was like, that’s what I want to do.” said Simmons.

Simmons also hopes to set an example for her 9-year-old daughter.

"I do this to show her women can do things that men can do as well, not only just the diversity or separation of gender, but just in general. I also do it to teach her to never limit yourself. Always challenge yourself as well.” said Simmons.

FOX54 salutes Roderica Simmons.

"Many will tell you that you can’t do it because you’re a girl or you’re a female, but the same thing a man can do you can do as well. So, just add it your list of challenges and obstacles that you face in your life…and go for it!”