FORT GORDON, Ga. -  A local. A Youth Challenge Academy graduate. Now, a soldier serving our country. This is the story of Specialist Billy Williams.

By job title, Billy Williams is a logistics specialist. But on post, he’s best known as a helper to all soldiers.

"I’m the go-to guy! I control pretty much the equipment, how you would get things, all the way down to a pen, to a gun or a weapon with some ammo in it," said Specialist Billy Williams. 

Williams is an Augusta native.

"I went to Grovetown and Lakeside [High School]. I played football. I was able to get into boxing training...” said Williams.

His Army story began with the Youth Challenge Academy.

"First, they instilled in me military discipline and being better, so I thought that I would come into the Army. The Army has helped with that, just being a better person overall. I learned a lot of things about myself: I can overcome adversity, I can do things under pressure.” said Williams.

While grateful to be serving, he says this isn’t what he expected.

"It’s crazy how life works. I definitely have faith in God so it’s just, it’s wild to me," said Williams, "The military wasn’t my first choice, but it was my best choice. I was able to get in to the medical field, I’m a pharmacy tech, I was able to get accepted into a college for the nursing program.” said Williams. 

Next, he hopes to be a sergeant for the mentorship opportunities. 

“What that means is developing junior soldiers, being able to be there for them. It’s a big deal to me because I always just wanted to give back to people.” said Williams.

FOX54 salutes Specialist Billy Williams.

"Things happen, it’s just how you bounce back from it. It’s how you overcome it.”