Saluting our Heroes: SGT. Brandon Jones

Sunday, June 18th 2023, 5:27 PM EDT

FORT GORDON, Ga. - This soldier has a big promotion waiting for him and he says he’s ready to dedicate the next decade of his military career to it. Meet Sergeant Brandon T. Jones.

"If there’s opportunity out there, you got to take it.” said Sgt. Jones.

He first saw career opportunity on a screen - 

"Believe it or not, the United States Marine Corps commercials…I’ve always wanted to join the military when I was little, but the commercials hit the nail on the head for me.” said Sgt. Jones.

Now, he’s taking his latest opportunity as a leader.

"I actually got selected to be an Aviation Warrant Officer. So, that’s my next milestone in my career and something I really plan to be confident in doing, really become proficient, be an expert, so that’s my next 10 years.”

Right now, he’s the Command Driver at Fort Gordon.

“I started off in the Marine Corps in 2012, done six years there. Then, I transitioned over to the Army...This is pretty much my life, this what I know.”

He considers his family the main motivator behind it all.

“My wife is my confidant, my biggest motivation. But, my son, he’s just that extra motivation I needed to really understand that I need to progress my career and Warrant Officer is something I really wanted to pursue. Now I’m here getting ready for that transition.”

FOX54 salutes Sgt. Brandon Jones.

"You can do anything you put your mind to. You just got to put in the effort, put in the work and be confident about it.”