AUGUSTA, Ga. - The Augusta District Attorney's Office has dismissed the warrant against a public defense attorney accused of giving contraband to an inmate.

Back in March 2023, public defense attorney Rodrequez Burnett was accused of giving a roll of toilet paper from a supply closet to an inmate he was meeting with at the Charles B. Webster Detention Center. The inmate reportedly took the wrapper from the toilet paper and Burnett returned the unwrapped roll to the supply closet.

According to the district attorney's office, Rodrequez's actions qualify as a misdemeanor, not a felony, and their office does not prosecute standalone misdemeanors unless there is a threat to public safety. “Your District Attorney’s Office is focused on serious violent felonies. While a misdemeanor could be pursued for handing an inmate toilet paper, our limited resources are best devoted to the murders, sexual assaults, and senseless violence that our community is fed up with,” says District Attorney Jared Williams.

In this case, Rodrequez's alleged actions do not qualify as a felony, as it took place in a local jail. The District Attorney officially closes this case upon dismissal of the felony warrant.

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