FORT GORDON, Ga. - He’s a soldier committed to this country and saving the lives of those fighting for it. Staff Sergeant Sean Kelly serves as a combat medic at Fort Gordon. He says his faith and family inspire him to make a difference every day.

"That’s ultimately what I want to do…I just want to help people.” said SSG. Sean Kelly. 

For more than a decade, SSG. Sean Kelly has dedicated his career to saving lives.

"I did 12 years with infantryman battalions, starting from Fort Drum where I deployed as a line medic, to 25th in Hawaii where I was an infantry battalion medic and then Fort Hood.” said SSG. Sean Kelly. 

His family inspired him to enlist after hearing their stories of heroism.

"My great grandfather came from Ireland. He was in the military, infantryman, landed on Normandy. Then, my uncle fought in Vietnam, he was infantry. During his tour in Vietnam, he was blown up with a grenade, took shrapnel, almost died and a medic saved his life.” said SSG. Sean Kelly. 

Now, at Fort Gordon, SSG. Kelly works in an administrative role. But, his heart for others remains unchanged.

"I can never step away from being a medic because I feel like…It’s just my calling.” said SSG. Sean Kelly. 

While he’s called to service, he’s also called to another title: Dad.

"I’m a father of five children. My oldest is 8…So, I have a lot of kids.” said SSG. Sean Kelly. 

SSG. Kelly says his faith drives him in all things.

"Even just by being kind and generous and loving can have a greater impact than how I used to be.” said SSG. Sean Kelly. 

FOX54 salutes SSG. Sean Kelly.

"I’ve seen medics do great things that have saved people’s lives first hand. So, take your job very seriously.” said SSG. Sean Kelly. 

He says his ultimate goal is to become a PA.

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