AUGUSTA, Ga. - Augusta city leaders held a special-called "security meeting" Friday afternoon to address the ransomware attack on the City of Augusta. The meeting started at around 2 p.m. and ran through about 4:30. After the meeting, Commissioners and Mayor Garnett Johnson came to the commission chamber to address the public.

After coming to chambers and closing the session, the Mayor came out to address the media.

After a week of computer network issues, Mayor Johnson confirmed that an unauthorized actor gained access to the city's system. The mayor says they are not in contact with any group and that no ransom amount has been communicated to the city.


"Augusta is aware of reports that a cyber crime group is claiming responsibility for this event and they are in possession of Augusta data," Johnson says. "At this time, Augusta is not in communication with said group....As we continue to work diligently to restore functionality to our systems as soon as possible and to determine whether any sensitive data has been impacted."

The mayor says they are cooperating with law enforcement during this investigation and that should it be discovered any personal information was released, they will notify impacted individuals.