AUGUSTA, Ga. - When it’s time to vote, you’ll see another name on the ballot for Aiken County Sheriff. Richmond County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Lucas Grant made his formal announcement Tuesday evening.

Lt. Lucas Grant now becomes the second name in the race. Cpt. Marty Sawyer previously announced his intent for office back in January. 

Lt. Grant says his vision for Sheriff is "To be aware, accountable and available." He wants to focus on highway safety, training, recruiting and developing an intelligence unit. 

A crowd of supporters watched on at Smith-Hazel Recreation Center as Lt. Grant formally announced his candidacy for sheriff. Lt. Grant hopes to take Sheriff Mike Hunt's place. The job is opening for the first time in 20 years.

"I've turned another chapter and it's time for me to retire and relax," said Sheriff Hunt in January. 

Lt. Grant says he feels called to Aiken County.

"It's my roots...Now it's time for me to come back home and serve this great community," said Lt. Grant.

Right now, Lt. Grant works for the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. But, he says he’s prepared to make a change.

"I'll be taking a leave of absence in 2024. Me and the sheriff talked about the exit and he's very supportive." said Lt. Grant.

Another candidate has eyes on the job: Cpt. Marty Sawyer with the Aiken Department of Public Safety. 

"I think it’s going to be hard to find somebody with the years of experience that I have," said Cpt. Sawyer at his announcement. 

While they come from different agencies, both candidates say the community is their top priority.

"Law enforcement is very important to me. Protecting this community is very important to me," said Lt. Grant.

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