Georgia Soul defeats Fayetteville Stingers 100-98 in last regular season home game

Sunday, May 21st 2023, 9:43 PM EDT

AUGUSTA, Ga (WFXG) - The Georgia Soul basketball team hosted Soul Fest at their last home game of the regular season against the Fayetteville Stingers. 

Georgia Soul has a new record of 16 to 5, holding the number one spot in the Southeastern Conference. The team only has 5 losses so far this season. 

"It feels really good to come out and have a winning season our first time in the league," says Oliver Ottley, Georgia Soul's Head Coach.

Coach Ottley says throughout the season the team has changed tremendously. 

"Well, it's the nature of the league," said Ottley.

Sunday's theme is Soul Fest. People filled the bleachers at Paine College's H.E.A.L. Complex to support their city and their Soul as they faced off against the Stingers. Georgia Soul held the lead in the first half of the game but then started losing their lead. 

"Defense, it's always been a problem for us," says Ottley.

The Souls secured the win in their last regular season home game with a score of 100 to 98. It was a close game with the defense putting it on the line. 

"We just got to work harder on defense," says Daniel Quarles, 6'7 center. 

San Antonio "Nu Nu" Brinson said he wanted to match the energy of Stinger's player Daishawn George.

"They had a very good presence in number 12. We needed somebody on our end to match that energy," said Brinson. 

Fayetteville Stinger's Timothy Haggie and Daishawn George caught the attention of attendees for their playing styles. 

"We play inside out. I know I'm good at getting into the paint. I'm very quick," says Haggie.

Daishawn George says he needed to shift the energy for his teammates. 

"I wanted to come in there and pick it up,"  said George. 

Georgia Soul will travel for their next game. They will be in Charlotte to play the Purple Jackets on May 26th. 

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