AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - UPDATE: FOX54 has obtained new information about last week's lockdown at Westside High School.

In an incident report obtained by FOX54, the "intruders" that caused the lockdown were from Lakeside High School in Columbia County. According to the report, a school resource officer says at around noon on May 17, they saw a girl who didn't attend Westside walking in the hallway with other students. The officer says the girl appeared nervous as they questioned her, and told the officer she was there to see her brother. The officer says they put the girl in handcuffs and escorted her to the public safety office for a search. The officer says she didn't have any weapons on her.

The officer says they were told there were two more unknown girls seen inside the school. The assistant principal placed the school on lockdown to search for the other intruders and determined that they were no longer on campus. The girl in custody reportedly said the other two had come there with her. The officer had her call the other two back to the school and they were also detained.

The report says an investigation revealed that the girls had all come from Lakeside High School and were there to socialize with friends. The girls were issued criminal trespass warnings and their parents were called to come pick them up.


ORIGINAL STORY: Westside High School was placed on a brief lockdown Wednesday after a Richmond County School System Police Officer identified individuals in the building that were not students. 

Principal Tikki Middleton says the three individuals ran when the RCSS officer tried to approach them. The school says additional officers arrived and they were able to detain the suspects. 

The school did not release any further information on the incident. FOX54 has filed an open records request for a copy of the incident report.

According to a letter sent to parents about that incident, two students were fighting in the car line when one of the student's parents and companion got out of their vehicle and approached the fighting students. School officials say at some point one of the adults made a threat.

FOX54 has also filed an open records request for that incident report.

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