AUGUSTA, Ga (WFXG) - #StrongAugusta brought together nearly 20 agencies throughout the CSRA Thursday morning to host a full-scale active shooter drill.

Following the mass shooting over the weekend in Augusta that claimed two lives, Fire Chief Antonio Burden says its become vital to stay ahead of threats. As a result, a new standard, NFPA 3000, was adopted by the city Tuesday.

The standard also known as #StrongAugusta serves as a guideline for active shooter and hostile event situations, emphasizing preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery.

"The adoption of NFPA 3000 is really a symbolic value today because it really shows our community that we are one as it relates to their safety," Burden says.

The drill was a simulation of Augusta University's Summerville campus, playing scenarios in real-time with actors taking on the role of victims. It took place at the former Southside Elementary School.

Victims were transported virtually into Augusta University Medical Center to test trauma center responses.

Augusta University, Vice Chair, Professor Alejanda Baez says the simulation was successful in many ways.

"Lessons learned, those unknowns that can help us better integrate, articulate..." Baez says. "So, that we have an optimal response, not just for Augusta, but also for other communities that might learn from us and reproduce those best practices."

#StrongAugusta is going to Washington, D.C. next week to lobby and discuss the experiences during the simulation.

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