EVANS, Ga. (WFXG) - The Columbia County Sheriff's Office has charged a man with aggravated assault and false imprisonment after a woman says she went on a date with him, then refused his request for sex.

According to CCSO, the female victim alleges she and Dontavious Vintson went to dinner. After about 2 hours inside the restaurant, and another 2 hours in the parking lot, she says she offered to take Vintson to his home. He sent her $100 to pay for gas, she says, and upon arrival at his Evans home, they continued talking in her car until the sun came up.

That's when she alleges Vintson would not let her leave. She says he told her that, because he sent her money, he expected her to engage in sexual acts. She says when she did not comply, he began assaulting her with her personal taser. He then allegedly forced her into the backseat of her car and continued the violent assault until she was able to escape the vehicle.

The woman says she then ran inside the home and found Vintson's mother, who went outside to speak with her son. The victim then went to her workplace, where her manager contacted CCSO.

CCSO says, during the investigation, Vintson's mother said she had not seen her son with anyone that morning, but she gave his cell phone number to the deputy on the scene.

Vintson reportedly approached the deputy with his arms extended, stating he would "go" with the deputy. CCSO says he was cooperative and transported to the substation without incident.