FORT GORDON, Ga. (WFXG) - Meet a specialist just out of basic training now working as a trainee on Fort Gordon. FOX54 salutes SPC. Badri Nepal.

"I’m currently at Fort Gordon Signal School doing 25 Bravo Information and Technology Specialist.” said SPC. Badri Nepal.

SPC. Nepal in an advanced individual training program. It’s getting him ready for his upcoming role.

"Basically, it’s all about signals, you know, computers and a little bit of networking... Obviously, I want to work for the defense industry once I join the Army I can be an insider and also I can be closer to the defense industry. It’s a proud moment to wear the uniform and serve the country you love.” said SPC. Badri Nepal.

During his time at Fort Gordon, Nepal says he’s found inspiration in those around him.

"There’s a lot of competitiveness around you, your soldiers left and right have good aspirations and they want to be something best in technology.”

Nepal has dreams of being a warrant officer and a dad.

"I probably want to be raising my kids in my personal life.”

Eventually, he will say goodbye to Fort Gordon, but he’s excited to say hello to a new chapter.

"Once I’m done with this school, I will head back home to Massachusetts because I am a U.S. Army Reservist, I’ll be headed back home to my first duty station. It’s…it’s been a good journey.” 

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