AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Augusta's professional basketball team is looking for support from the city, but they're not just asking fans to fill the stands on gameday.

Augusta has seen a few versions of its Georgia Soul organization. Most recently, the men's team earned a southeast regional championship in its debut season last year. Now, the owner of the team, Ernisia Wright, has asked the commission for $250,000 to help fund her effort.

Commissioner Catherine Smith-McKnight says now is not the time. "Throwing $250,000, you know, that's not pocket change," she says.

Some city leaders say the program has been a positive addition to Augusta's sports lineup.

“It’s an outing for the family. That’s what we’re looking for here in Augusta,” says commissioner Bobby Williams.

Commissioner Tony Lewis agrees. “For those who love basketball, they can continue to see basketball on a higher level.”

Yet, many are questioning why taxpayers need to fund the investment.

“First of all, I want to hear what they’re going to be doing with [the money]," says Smith-McKnight. "Just putting it on the agenda and not explaining anything, I can’t support that.”

Others hope to help support local hoops without breaking the bank. 

Lewis says, "I think that we can probably find something to give them, but I’m not at a quarter of a million dollars.”

Williams says he would like to see additional conversation happen first, and that is what will happen. Williams and his colleagues voted to send the request back to the finance committee before a vote by the full commission.

Wright did not respond to FOX54's request for comment. Commissioner Alvin Mason expressed his concern of a potential conflict of interest. Wright's LinkedIn profile shows she was an employee of the city's parks and recreation department until March, 2023.