AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Saturday, a memorial service was held for Gerald White. People gathered in Augusta's Bell Auditorium to honor his impact in the world of basketball and beyond.

"Almighty Father we come before you…with glad hearts we’re able to celebrate the lives of Gerald, Father, we thank you for his act, Lord, we thank you for allowing us to gather here today," said Rev. Jack Anderson. 

“So, we come to celebrate the coach, the mentor, the friend, the son, the father, the man.” said Brenda Hill, Auburn University classmate: 

White has a lasting impact.

“When you think Auburn Basketball, you think about Gerald White.” said Coach Sonny Smith, Auburn University.

Richmond Academy and Auburn University grad Gerald White is known for his game. He was honored as an SEC Legend in 2014. Now, he’s honored for his life.

“Jayla, Jared and I would like to thank you for the phone calls, the gifts, the cards, the text messages, the visits, the dinners, the hugs…The outpouring of love.” said Joelle Elzy.

As people remember the beloved coach, a call beckons: carry the legacy.

"Maybe he’s teaching us to be better friends to each other while we can.”

“Gerald did receive his flowers, but he probably should’ve received the garden.”

White was 58-years-old when he died April 26, 2023.

White played four years of basketball at Auburn University, then graduated with a bachelor's degree in education. For almost two decades, he served as an assistant at Augusta University, UT Chattanooga, Georgia State and VCU. White was also inducted into the Tiger Trail of Auburn.

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