AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - It's one of the most iconic traditions in all of sports: the prized green jacket awarded to the Masters tournament champion, but that's not the only green he will win. Also up for grabs this year is a record-tying purse of $2.7M.

The top 50 finishers at the end of Sunday's final round will each see a payday from the $15M prize pot. The 2022 champion, Scottie Scheffler, says he still drives the Yukon XL his dad bought in Augusta in 2012, but some patrons tell FOX54 they'd spend the prize money on a new mode of transportation.

Sandy Bonsall says she would first give to charity, then purchase a new RV. 

Kathleen Burns says she would buy her husband a boat, then spend the year taking golf lessons to give herself the best chance of winning again.

The winner of the Masters tournament also has his name engraved on the Masters trophy, which is displayed atop a pedestal in the clubhouse. He receives a replica of it to take home, as well as a gold medal and perhaps the most recognizable award in all of sports: Augusta's green jacket.

Burns says, "It's so iconic. When you see the presentation on Sunday, you just know that gentleman's life is going to change forever."

All members are required to store their green jackets inside the clubhouse, save for the Masters champion, who is able to take his home for one year following his win.

Scheffler says he enjoyed having the jacket in his home, but did not wear it much in public.  "I didn't wear it to any fast food places or anything like that."