AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - The Masters is known for its rich traditions, some of which date back to 1934 when the tournament began. Through the years, long-time patrons have made a few of their own.

For Harry Swimmer, a tradition unlike any other has taken on a whole new meaning. He traveled from Charlotte, North Carolina to Augusta National Golf Club just like he’s done each year since the 1950’s. “I’ve been coming to the Master’s for 68 years, in a row,” Swimmer says. “So, I’m here today because I don’t want to miss one and I am 93 years old.”

In 1978, his son David started joining him and that’s when the father-son tradition began. “I’ll walk some holes, not all 18 because I’ve seen all them,” Harry says.

Harry says he’d run from gate to gate to get a front row seat. While he takes it easy now, they still take their chairs out to hole 18. The pair have witnessed many changes over the years. This year, Harry’s looking forward to seeing the changes made to hole 13.

He’s also seen many legends tee off over the years. From Gene Sarazen to Ben Hogan. “Back in the old days, even Arnold Palmer would sign your cards,” Harry says. “I’ve been to the Par 3’s, I’ve been all over the golf course. And yes, I did play one time, not in a tournament.”

And how did he do? “I don’t know, I told the caddy just take pictures, I don’t care about what the score is.”

And as you can imagine, he’s got some stories to tell. “I saw Gene Sarazen tee off, I saw Ben Hogan hit a ball up a ladies dress and get mad and all he did was tell her to stand up.”

It’s a father-son tradition, David hopes he can continue. “You know what my main objective is?” David says. “Make sure he gets here every year…haven’t missed one.”

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