COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WFXG) - Dogs are often considered man’s best friend. For a Columbia County deputy, that bond runs deep. Together, they helped a family locate an autistic loved one after he'd been missing for 19 hours.

Meet Deputy Jonathan Adams and his K9, Spencer.

"We’ve been partners for close to five years now. I got her when she was probably about nine months old, but iI trained with her some months prior before that. The bond is very, very strong. She’s basically my child.” said Deputy Jonathan Adams, Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

Deputy Adams has been with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office for 14 years. It’s safe to say he loves to serve and protect alongside Spencer.

"We train every day.  With Spencer, she’s a single purpose tracking dog. So, her only job is to track and find people.” said Deputy Adams.

Deputy Adams knew this was a special role when he watched his brother-in-law fill the very same shoes.

"I used to do ridealongs with him and that’s really what got me hooked," said Deputy Adams.

Together, he and Spencer make a difference.

"The main motivator for me is to come in and find people who need to be found.” said Deputy Adams.

Just recently, Deputy Adams and Spencer helped a family locate an autistic loved one in Lincoln County. He’d been missing for 19 hours.

"She located him in the woods approximately over two miles from his house. He was very dehydrated and distressed...That’s the biggest reward - knowing we brought somebody home. You know, brought somebody home safely. That’s the reason I come to work every single night.” said Deputy Adams.

FOX54 salutes Deputy Jonathan Adams.

"We are here to be of service. If anyone goes missing, hopefully Spencer can respond, find them and return them safely." 

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