COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WFXG) - The Columbia County School District is excited to host the inaugural Forecast Your Future Career Day on Mar. 21, 2023, from 9 to 11 a.m. at Grovetown Elementary School. Students from Grovetown and Harlem High Schools will be presenting display booths representing each of the career pathways available to students in the district.

Fourth and fifth-grade students from Grovetown Elementary will have the opportunity to select their top three areas of interest prior to attending the event. They will then visit with student representatives from each respective pathway to gain a deeper understanding of the skills, knowledge, and education required to pursue a career in those fields.

Brooks Smith, Director of Career, Technical and Agriculture Education (CTAE) for the Columbia County School District, believes that Forecast Your Future Career Day will inspire students to stay motivated and engaged in their learning. "We are always looking for ways to keep our students engaged in what they’re learning, and if you can see your goal ahead of you, it keeps you motivated," said Smith.

In addition to inspiring students' career paths, the event also offers an opportunity for high school students to work on their soft skills, which are highly valued by employers. "For our high school students, this is also a great opportunity to work on the soft skills that employers are always looking for in prospective employees," Smith added.

The event will feature a wide range of career pathways for students to explore, including law enforcement, allied health, sports medicine, cosmetology, culinary arts, cyber security, engineering, marketing, teaching as a profession, Army JROTC, agriculture, welding, automotive, graphic design, and audio/visual and film.

As students progress from elementary to middle and high school, the Columbia County School District aims to maintain a connection with their learning to make it more relevant and help students achieve their maximum potential for success. The district hopes that Forecast Your Future Career Day will be a success and inspire students to pursue their passions and career goals.

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