AIKEN, S.C. (WFXG) - FOTAS and the Aiken County Animal Shelter are having a “Change Their Luck” adoption event this Saturday, March 18, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. During this St. Paddy’s Day celebration, FOTAS sponsors will be paying for all pet adoptions.

Stop by 333 Wire Road in Aiken, SC, enjoy some complimentary St. Paddy treats, and let the shelter’s adoption counselors help you find your furry lucky charm! The shelter kennels are doubled up and the shelter is housing many wonderful pets who just need a lucky break. These homeless animals deserve love and security, FOTAS tells FOX54.

Learn more about some of the dogs currently housed in the shelter! Here's what FOTAS shares with FOX54:

"Caprice is a wonderful dog who is somehow being overlooked by potential adopters. She is a lovely black Lab mix who is six years old, 57 pounds and easy to walk."

"Blond and white Caralee learned how to play with other dogs in playgroup. She is five years old, 45 pounds and extremely sweet. Found as a stray, she arrived at the shelter hungry and scared."

"Brindle and white Sweetie-pie Elle is wonderful with most dogs, walks wonderfully on a leash and is in urgent need of a good home. This mixed breed is three years old, 57 pounds and well behaved."

"Senior white and black mixed breed Faith loves children and people, but not other pets since she was bred so much in her past. She is nine years old, 50 pounds and adorable."

"Three years old, 81 pounds and extremely playful, Handsome is not a dog you can miss seeing on our adoption floor. This blue and white guy loves other large dogs. He's like a big puppy!"

"Pretty, white Janna is three years old, 50 pounds and extremely sweet. She is a little shy but quickly bonds with people she knows. This girl gets along with most dogs and deserves the best home."

"Margery wags her tail all the time yet is calm and well behaved. This gray beauty is just two years old, 50 pounds and full of love. Margery likes other dogs but would rather cuddle than play."

"Merry has been here longer than any other dog in the adoption wing. She's one of the friendliest dogs you will ever meet and gets so excited when prospective adopters visit her. Blue and white Merry is three years old, 52 pounds and playful. She would do best as an only pet."

"White and brown Nessie is not only adorable but also sweet and smart. She is one year old, 49 pounds and cuddly. She loves to play with other dogs and would do best in a home with a fenced-in yard."

"Rosemary arrived at the County Animal Shelter covered in bite marks and some of her teeth filed down. She likely was used as a bait dog by a dog fighting operation. But despite her past abuse, this three-year-old, 54-pound stray is a cuddly sweetheart."

"Two-year-old, 56-pound mixed breed Sosa is a playful, active and goofy dog. He insists on giving you a hug when you greet him. He likes running in the play yard and enjoys rolling around on his back and chasing tennis balls. Sosa has a rich, red coat and likes big dogs who enjoy playing rough & rowdy style."

For more information about Saturday’s “Change Their Luck” adoption event, please go to, where you can view photos and details about all the animals available for adoption. You may also contact the Aiken County Animal Shelter, (803) 642-1537 (option #3).