EVANS, Ga. (WFXG) - Columbia County Fire Rescue (CCFR) has announced that it is the first in the area to equip three of its rescue trucks and two administrative vehicles with UE Video Laryngoscopes (UE Scope). The new equipment will be available to 20 paramedics with CCFR to use when they arrive on the scene to care for a patient with a blocked or damaged airway.

The UE scope has proven to increase first time intubation success by 97% and allows for self-recording that can be used for quality assurance and training purposes. 

The scope's curved blade improves the view of airways and ET tube placement by using a stylet and bougie. Paramedics can use the video technology of the UE scope to capture all structures under the blade tip, leaving no blind spots. 

CCFR purchased a total of five UE scopes at $1500/scope. Over the last year, CCFR has also purchased cardiac monitors, LUCAS chest compression machines, and added every drug to the Rescue truck that a typical ambulance would carry.

Lt. Jamarius Tate, EMS Training Coordinator, expressed his excitement about the new equipment, saying, "If we set ourselves up for success, our end result will be success, and those results are better patient care and overall outcomes for the citizens of Columbia County." 

With the implementation of the UE Video Laryngoscope, CCFR is confident that it will continue to provide top-notch emergency medical services to the residents of Columbia County.

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