AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG)- Business in downtown Augusta continues to grow. The latest attraction to open is Pedal Pub.

Charity Jones, one of the co-owners says, “Pedal Pub is the ultimate party on wheels. We are the moments where you’re coming together with your friends, your family, even coworkers for team building and everything we’re that moment that you can come get on a bike, pedal a little bit, party, listen to music, drink something, have a good time and make memories.”

Sisters Charity Jones and Syderist Samuel, along with Jones' husband, decided they wanted to bring something new to the CSRA.

Charity Jones says, “I experienced a tour in the Atlanta area and enjoyed it so much with some other friends and had a great time and I was like wow we’re riding this bike, jumping around partying and having a great time and I was sitting there like wow wouldn’t this be nice if we had this in Augusta.”

Here’s how it works, you book a tour, sign a waiver and then go.

Co-owner and pedal maintenance, Anthony Jones, explains what happens once the tour is booked, “We have 10 seats that are pedaling and we have five non-pedal seats once you get on we will take you down broad street and some of our attractions we have and picture stops.”

You can book individual seats and meet new people or you can rent out the entire bike for your group..

Samuel says “we have three different tours that we offer at this time, something for everyone. Our first tour is our Augusta live ultimate bar crawl.” That tour makes a stop at two to three downtown bars and is for the 21 and older crowd.

Another option, “We have our picture-perfect tour which is a 90-minute sightseeing tour and it’s more geared towards families and sightseeing,” explains  Samuel. 

Lastly, Samuel says, “Our last one is our Pedal Pub express and this is 60 minutes. We turn off the assist, it’s 100% pedaling and this is where you’re going to get your exercise in. 60 minutes you’re going to burn anywhere between 1100 and 1300 calories.”

Since opening in November, Charity Jones says they always get a lot of attention when they’re rolling down the street. She adds, “It’s been great, good everyone has received us with open arms. The community loves to see us coming through. Their main thing is, ‘is this here or are yall just dropping in?’ and we have to tell them yes we’re a staple here in Augusta.”

There are also some safety precautions in place the bike doesn't go faster than five miles per hour and they have helmets you can wear, if you'd like. 

Pedal Pub is located at 305 12th street in downtown Augusta.