AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - It is a medicine that is normally used to help people with breathing problems, but right now liquid albuterol is in short supply. The drug has been on the FDA's shortages list since October, this comes after a major supplier to hospitals in the United States shut down. 

CNN reports products from the one remaining major domestic source of liquid albuterol are on backorder, but different areas are experiencing different supply issues. 

In Augusta, some hospitals tell FOX54 they have been affected by the albuterol shortage.

A spokesperson for Augusta University Health says it is "not looking at shortages in oral albuterol liquid, but we are having issues with the albuterol nebulizing shortage." They continued that their supplier cites production issues with the manufacturer for the delay.

At Piedmont Augusta, a spokeswoman says they have also seen "lower than typical inventories" for about a month. They continued that they are closely watching the supply and making changes when necessary. 

Doctors Hospital says it currently has the adequate supply it needs to treat its patients. 

Experts say patients with breathing issues should make sure their albuterol inhaler is on hand. CNN reports the American Lung Association is advising patients that cannot get the liquid form that they can use an albuterol inhaler instead. They say that form of the medication has not been impacted by the shortage.

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