Saluting our Heroes: Leading to uplift

Tuesday, February 28th 2023, 9:27 PM EST

FORT GORDON, Ga. (WFXG) - All his life, Staff Sergeant Aaron Simpson wanted to help others. First, he did so as a brother, then dad and now as an Electronic Warfare NCO.

"True power isn’t how high you can stand, but how far you can bring someone up.” said Staff Sgt. Aaron Simpson, Electronic Warfare NCO.

This is a quote Staff Sgt. Aaron Simpson says he lives by.

"You have a couple dollars, give a couple dollars. You have a couple minutes, give a couple of minutes.” said Staff Sgt. Simpson.

Staff Sgt. Simpson says his role helps his team in combat.

"I train my team, my younger soldiers, on electronic warfare techniques such as like stopping IEDs (improvised explosive device) from going off and protecting our maneuver elements from any adversaries we encounter on the battlefield.” said Staff Sgt. Simpson.

He’s used to being someone others can lean on. That's not just in his job, but also in how community.

"I’ve always been like, around my younger siblings, and helping like teach them the things that I’ve learned in my life and from my parents. So, filling this role as an EW NCO fills that same responsibility I’ve been dealing with pretty much my entire life. At all my duty stations, I’ve always done outreach...I used to coach Special Needs Olympic Swimmers, so it doesn’t really stop just here either.” said Staff Sgt. Simpson.

FOX54 salutes Staff Sgt. Aaron Simpson.

"We are here to serve our commanders and our subordinates.” said Staff Sgt. Simpson.

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