AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - The Augusta Development Authority and the City of Augusta have filed a lawsuit against C4 Live, the company that promised to convert Lake Olmstead Stadium into a venue for concerts. 

According to the complaint a contract between the parties was signed in January 2020, which would allow C4 to lease the stadium and parking areas from the city.

The complaint alleges C4 live breached the contract between the parties because C4 failed to surrender the stadium and parking areas in "good order and repair." They also allege C4 Live or its agents have "severely damaged the stadium." 

FOX54 reported in April 2022 that C4 Live had canceled "XPR Augusta" a series of Masters week concerts, due to issues at Lake Olmstead Stadium. At the time,  Managing partners Michael Perry and Greg Costello told FOX54 the issues raised cause for concern about the overall stability of the grounds.

FOX54 has reached out to representatives for C4 Live about the lawsuit. 


This story is developing. FOX54 has a copy of the complaint and is continuing to go over it. Check back to this story for updates. 

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