FORT GORDON, Ga. (WFXG) - Making a difference through leadership. A Navy Lieutenant hopes to leave a positive mark on others, all while appreciating what he calls an unexpected journey.

"I have opportunities to, on a daily basis, impact the people that I work with in a positive way and I can’t ask for more than that.” said Lt. Brooks Furleigh, Direct Support Officer.

Lt. Brooks Furleigh works in the Naval Information Operations Command. However, this isn’t where he thought he would be.

"So, I actually commissioned to be a pilot, so my route has gone quite differently from there," explained Lt. Furleigh.

A medical separation from the pilot program ultimately changed his path to Direct Support Officer.

"..Just a collection team that will go out – I’m the team lead for that...I mean, it’s why I’m here right? It’s why I stuck around in the Navy and enjoy going to work everyday.” said Lt. Furleigh.

Service runs in his family.

"My dad did 27 years in the Air Force. I graduated high school from a naval base in Rota, Spain…So, I was like, I could get used to this!” said Lt. Furleigh.

Now getting used to it means getting used to helping others succeed, too.

"..Making sure that they’re getting the warrants they deserve and testing to advance in their rate when they’re supposed to, things like that, I could do for them to help in their career.” said Lt. Furleigh.

FOX54 salutes Lt. Brooks Furleigh.

"I’ve been really lucky this community took me on because it’s given me a lot of opportunity to lead and interact with sailors everyday.”

He wants to continue leading. One day, he hopes to become a college professor.

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