AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Some new changes are headed to a local restaurant. If you stop by Frog & The Hen during the weekend, you’ve probably seen their parking lot packed with cars but now they’re expanding their hours. 

Breannah Newton, the director of operations at the Frog Hollow Hospitality Group says,“ We’re definitely busy on Saturday and Sunday so make a reservation.”

Newton explains what the restaurant is, “Frog & The Hen is the fourth concept of the Frog Hollow Group. We took frog from Frog Hollow, our flagship restaurant, and the hen because we specialize in chicken…fried chicken, roasted chicken...” 

What separates Frog & the Hen from some of their other concepts like TacoCat or Pho-Ramen'L, “It’s more family oriented, it’s a little bit more casual,” says Newton.

The restaurant has grown and evolved and has become a hot spot for breakfast. That’s created a demand for earlier breakfast hours. Their new hours are, “Tuesday through Saturday 8am to 8pm and then Sunday we’ll have 10am to 3pm for brunch,” says Newton.

With the expanded hours they also switched up their menu,“[It is] featuring our most popular dinner items and our most popular brunch items, we just brought it together for one cohesive menu. We’re really excited about it.”

Some of the new additions include, “ We've got the salmon toast. We’ve also got a banana foster French toast.” The fan favorite chicken and waffles will now also be on their menu all day long. 

Newton says they’re also really excited about their new espresso martinis, “We’ve collaborated with Castle and Key, their a distillery outside of Frankfurt, Kentucky. We’re taking their Sacred Springs vodka and infusing it with Buona Coffee..." They take an espresso liqueur and a brown sugar simple syrup and put that in a keg. Once poured into glass, it's topped with a coffee infused cold foam and then right on top is a little mocha dust.

Newton says the restaurant has every reason to stop by, “It’s exciting the staff is amazing, the dishes are delicious, it’s a great environment.