AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Everybody needs a space where they can go to blow off some steam and owners of  Dahman’s Revenge Rage Room say they have the perfect spot for you to do that.

Dahman’s Revenge Rage Room is a place where you can go smash things but it’s much more than that. Co-owner of the rage room, Kelsi Dammann, says, “The idea was to come in and have fun but what we’ve noticed it’s also fit a space that was needed whether for anxiety, depression, PTSD, divorce, separation or loss so it’s actually been fitting the community more than we thought.” 

Dammann says there's something for everybody, “Some people don’t like to break stuff so they like to paint and rage at the same time.   You can come in and paint as simple and sweet as you want. You could also fling it and we also have paint makes us very happy. We have a lot of repeat customers young and old. We’ve had ages three all the way up to 80.”

Who knows? It may even be an unexpected hobby for you.“I know everybody thinks, 'I don’t have rage, I don’t have rage.' It’s not just about the rage. It’s about a safe way for you to be able to relieve some stress and to process whatever you got going on.” Dammann continues, ”It can be as private as you want it to be or as fun and loud and exciting as you want it to be.”

In March, they’re re-locating to downtown Augusta near the Savannah River Brewing Company. At their new location, they’ll add three new activities that’ll be revealed soon. For updates, follow Dahman's on social media. For now, they are located at 2326 Walden Drive in Augusta. 

Dammann says you have to try the experience at least once, “It’s hard to put it into words the feeling but I strongly encourage you to give it a try especially if you are going through something.”



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