Saluting our Heroes: Representing Leadership

Thursday, January 26th 2023, 6:13 AM EST

FORT GORDON, Ga. (WFXG) - Becoming a leader is more than just a role. It’s about being that person others can depend on and look up to. That’s what Sgt. Paul Castro hopes to accomplish as he looks ahead to a promotion.

Sgt. Paul Castro is known for going above and beyond his regular duties. 

"I am a MOS instructor. I help guide our new Marines to help further their knowledge in the systems that we operate in. The role is important to me because I’m helping the Marine Corps mold its future communicators in regards to our MOS here as satellite transmission operators.” said Sgt. Paul Castro, Satellite Transmission Systems Operator at Marine Detachment Fort Gordon.

As he works hard in his current role, he’s already being prepared for the next – a promotion to Staff Sergeant. Sgt. Castro gives the credit to the leaders who helped him get here.

"..Being guided by all the knowledgeable Marines I have had in my career, and also the chain of command and the Marines I have here as well, it’s very, very inspirational and very, very motivating.” said Sgt. Castro.

Sgt. Castro also hopes to be an example for someone else.

"..Be that one to start what needs to be done instead of just standing around or standing in the back and telling everybody what they need to do.” said Sgt. Castro.

He feels his uniform not only means service but representation.

"In World War II, I’m from Guam, in WWII if the Marines didn’t show up, I wouldn’t be American, right? So, I’m thankful for what they’ve done back then and for what everybody else after them, or before them, has done and I want to be a part of that footprint…Especially being the only Marine in my family.” said Sgt. Castro.

FOX54 salutes Sgt. Paul Castro.

"No matter too, if you have your hardship in your life, that you can always push forward and be a better you the next day and the day after.”

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