THOMSON, Ga. (WFXG) - Tippy Cakes Bakery in Thomson hopes you'll stop by for something sweet. 

Tippy Cakes Owner, Tiffany Holley, explains, “We normally offer cupcakes every day and then we also do custom orders like custom cakes. We do homemade confections like chocolate peanut cluster, white chocolate pecans and just different desserts and things like that."

Their cupcake flavors range from chocolate chip cookie cupcake, strawberry crunch and strawberry delight to hot fudge sundae.

For Holley owning Tippy Cakes was once a dream, “It’s just something that I’ve always wanted to do ever since I was a kid.”

As an educator and baker, she started her business in 2015. At first she practiced, “Once I had kids I would do their birthday parties”

Then it grew to a storefront in Thomson. “I originally opened my business in October 2019 and then I closed last year to go back to teaching cause I’m an educator as well and I just reopened in 2022,”she says. 

With her teaching spirit, she uses every opportunity as a teachable moment. Holley says, “I’m an educator by heart so even when I do my bakery we do decorating classes. I just show people how to decorate a cake or how to go in and bake.”

But even with the foundation laid…opening Tippy Cakes wasn’t always a cakewalk, so she wrote a book about it. Holley uses her book, Bake Your Butt Off, as yet another teaching moment.

She details what the book is about, “It’s basically my walk on starting my business cause when I first started a bakery nobody would tell me anything so i made a promise once I got a business started that I was going to help other people and just show them the steps that I took to open a bakery.”

Tippy Cakes is located at 1735 Washington Rd. in Thomson. They open at 11am, Wednesday through

Tippy Cakes is also expanding. Soon, she'll have a new location in Grovetown. They hope to open for business in March 2023.

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