AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - If you are looking for a sweet sound that fills your spirit...look no further. Gospel singer and songwriter Kamika Kamika has been singing since the age of two. She has a special reason behind her name. "Everybody says it twice…all growing up when I say my name…so I always repeat it…why not…two times," laughs Kamika. 

Raised in Augusta, she says was surrounded by music all of her life. "Growing up in Augusta, was me, my Mom and my brothers…school, church…that's about it for me. I was involved with Augusta Chorale, Creative Impressions...growing music was all around."

Kamika gained a love for singing early. She explains when she knew she was meant to sing. "I knew I was meant to be a singer when I was potty training…and my Mama told me the sooner I can get out my diaper the sooner I can join the choir," she says. 

Kamika says all of her musical experiences have contributed to who she has become as an artist, and she wants to open hearts with her music.  "I wanna be heard by God…first and foremost, so…whoever it reaches…I wasn't even looking at a certain audience, I was just trying to reach one…one person…and I thank you for listening."

She says that her music is for anyone who will lend an ear, and believes everyone has a special gift inside of them. She knew that singing God's praises was her calling in life. "I believe that God put it in me. God puts a gift in everybody to share with somebody…and um…once it's wrapped and ready to be given, it's only ready to be received after that."

Kamika has a message for anyone who is looking to gain a closer relationship with God.  "I just wanna say, anybody that don't know God…or does know God…get to know Him a little bit better."

Kamika is sharing her message of hope to anyone who will listen…and she is sowing a seed of love and faith across the CSRA. To hear more of Kamika Kamika...visit her website at

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