FORT GORDON, Ga. (WFXG) - Direction, purpose and confidence. These are things Petty Officer First Class Taylor Ross says she’s gained since joining the Navy.

Petty Officer First Class Taylor Ross is an E-6 responsible for guiding 85 sailors. She usually works in an administrative role, but the position is much closer to her heart.

“I’m kind of like their momma bear in the navy.” said Petty Officer First Class Taylor Ross.

She says being able to care for others drives her in her career.

“Taking care of people is like what really makes me enjoy the Navy and wanted to re-enlist once started getting into more of the leadership roles," said Ross.

According to Ross, the Navy also helped her come out of her shell.

“I’m actually like a completely different person than when I first joined, I used to be really shy. It’s just really helped me become a different person and the person I always wanted to be.” said Ross.

While she misses her family back home in California, this is an experience she says she wouldn’t trade for anything.

“It’s definitely a lot of sacrifice being in the military. There’s a lot of things that...Christmas, birthdays and everything like that I’ve missed from our family. But, it means the world to serve our country, to give back and it means everything.” said Ross.

It’s a journey she plans to continue as she looks forward to where it takes her next

“Every single time I’ve re-enlisted I’ve gone somewhere different. My first re-enlistment was in Maryland, then I was in Washington state, then I was in Hawaii – now I’m here.” said Ross.

“it’s just given me the confidence and direction.”

She hopes to get orders in San Diego to be closer to family and on a ship!

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